Family Connections

Sharebright offers an easy to use innovative senior family communication software solution to connect and communicate with loved ones residing in a Senior Care Facility and so much more.

The software is user friendly and an easy to manage smart phone application and web portal.

It will allow your loved ones Senior Care Facility to upload pictures and videos and share them with numerous family members on an easy and secure platform. Senior family communication has never been easier.

Sending files allows you to share community news as well as care plans and progress reports.

  • Share pics, videos and files with loved ones
  • Book and pay for services like (haircut-nails)
  • View facility calendar, make reservations and pay for event
  • View facility information and more.


Continue to be informed on the well-being of your loved one through photo, video and file sharing.


Interact with staff throughout the day with our commenting feature; A new and efficient way to communicate.


Feel Comforted knowing you have support during this journey, sharing in all of the experiences along the way.

Let Us Bring Our Senior Family Communication Software IntoYour Loved One’s Senior Care facility.

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